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Fergal works with leaders who are ambitious, determined and willing to try new things, on a journey to reaching a better version of themselves so they can expend their gifts and talents in a more impactful way.

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My areas of expertise

  • Navigating challenges and difficult decisions
  • Managing individual growth journeys
  • Taking company growth to the next level
  • Helping boards and CEOs to work effectively together
  • Developing vision and strategy

Industries I have worked in:

  • Education
  • Business and support services
  • Digital publishing
  • Management consultancy
  • Transport/travel

What services do you offer?

Individual Coaching




What’s been my biggest leadership challenge?

I had to dismiss one of the most talented people I have ever worked with, because they refused to change their mindset about our investors. It was agonising and I didn’t sleep properly for weeks. I know it was the right decision but it was horrible nonetheless.

What made it so difficult?

I had tried so hard to make her listen and adapt to the new reality of having to work with the City, but she just wouldn’t change. I knew things had to change and that the board was expecting me to do something, but at the time it felt like eradicating a family member.

What helped me overcome this challenge?

My coach got me to play the scene from various perspectives. He helped me deal with the sense of guilt and shame that I had been feeling. I had to act dispassionately: that was the role I had to play. Most importantly, I had to forgive myself!

What did I learn?

The boss’ job is to act in the best interests of the client and the company. Of course you will form bonds with colleagues, because you are human, but you have to be able to make clear and rational decisions that are not impaired by your emotions.

What’s my style as a thinking partner?

Typically people come to me because they sense they have a better them inside. They know they could be more effective, bolder, more impactful, more creative perhaps, but something is holding them back. We work through what they want to become, look at the resources they already have, consider the obstacles that have to be overcome and how, list the milestones on the journey that will be undertaken. We look at commitment and what they can find to keep them going. Often they ask me to hold them to account for their progress. I believe passionately in the people I work with and only work with seven or eight clients at a time because I need to be totally sure we are right for each other. I am quite pushy and challenging, and my clients need to be ambitious, determined and resilient leaders.

What's my professional background?

I have been a teacher, headteacher, strategy director, business development director, entrepreneur and founding CEO of a fast growth company. Today I chair three organisations and act as a business adviser to another. I’ve always been able to see to the heart of an issue and love helping the great leaders I work with do the same. I like to help organisations see what they could achieve and how they will get there. I have written books on effectiveness and management.

Who have I worked for?
  • Cairneagle Associates LLP
  • CoachHire.com
  • Earth Trust
  • eLight plc
  • Flavours Holidays
  • GEMS Education
  • J & C Education
  • The Key Support Services Ltd
  • Strictly Education Ltd
  • Teacher Development Trust
  • Ten Lifestyle Group plc
What do I do away from work?

Spend time with my family and friends, walk the dog, play saxophone in a big band, play golf, learn Spanish, co-lead a church group, nerdy reader of business books

What credentials and qualifications do I have?
  • Henley Business School – Professional Certificate in Coaching
  • Member, Association for Coaching
  • MBA Nottingham University Business School
  • Qualified civil and commercial mediator
  • Fellow, Chartered College of Teaching

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