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Annette works with CEOs, Boards and senior leaders as a trusted advisor, confidante and coach to navigate challenges and successfully transform. An experienced Chief People Officer, she is passionate about supporting individuals and organisations to achieve their full potential.

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My areas of expertise

  • Business transformation
  • Design & delivery of a People Strategy
  • Culture and Diversity & Inclusion
  • Leadership
  • Employee Engagement & Change

Industries I have worked in:

  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Banking
  • Insurance

What services do you offer?

Individual Coaching

Team Coaching




What’s been my biggest leadership challenge?

As a Chief People Officer and as an Executive, my biggest leadership challenge throughout my career has been to ensure that People and Culture are prioritised at the top table. This has often involved creating the supporting business case, selling this and providing significant upskilling for senior leaders (Executive & Non Executive).

What made it so difficult?

Businesses tend to just focus on the bottom line and assume that everything else will just fall in place. People and an organisation’s culture are complex; business strategy and any planned change needs to consider the wider implications so that these can be effectively managed and communicated.

What helped me overcome this challenge?

Building relationships at all levels is key, as is understanding and contributing to the overall business strategy. By co-creating a People Strategy with the business, this ensures buy in and commitment to the deliverables.

What did I learn?

Coaching has been integral to my roles in Human Resources throughout my career, and I have coached people at all levels (Executive & Non Executive); it has been the key to ensuring the development and integration of an effective People Strategy into an organisation, and to managing business transformation initiatives.

What’s my style as a thinking partner?

I have a very relaxed and informal style & approach. My preference to start with is to ‘listen and learn’ and then to work with my client to identify the key priorities, the options and the way forward.

As I listen and learn, I will challenge, query and question (all in a proactive and positive way !) so that together we can build on the thinking to ensure that we have considered all the various factors, as in partnership we work towards the requested outcome/s.

I have a lot of positive energy that I bring to the discussions and always leave my client with a way forward, so that they can move forward from the discussion, and we can build on it in subsequent meetings.

My focus is on always upskilling individuals and organisations; by the end of our time together I will have shared my knowledge and expertise, providing new tools and ways of thinking.

What's my professional background?

As an experienced Chief People Officer and Human Resources professional I have worked with organisations on a global basis for 30+ years. I have deep knowledge and expertise across the People and Culture agenda.

I have worked with CEOs, Board’s and senior leaders on a global basis in highly regulated organisation’s during some of the most challenging periods in their histories; including Ford Motor Company, Lloyds Banking group and, most recently, the Lloyd’s Insurance Market. I have been in regulated roles, and had to introduce SMCR regulatory requirements and changes to businesses. My role has been to ensure that People and Culture are integrated into business strategy and on the agenda at the top table.

I am passionate about supporting individuals and organisations achieve their full potential. I have personally supported the recruitment and development of talent at all levels; focused on what attracts and retains talent, and the supporting culture and practise that needs to be in place. I enjoying working with businesses to achieve their objectives; this includes helping resolving disputes and coaching individuals. Diversity and Inclusion is the golden thread that runs through all that I do.

Who have I worked for?
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Lloyds Banking Group
  • Lloyd’s of London
  • The Guild of Human Resource Professionals
  • Fragile2Agile
  • Leadenhall Consulting
  • Right Coach
  • Sheridan Resolutions
  • Battersea Dogs & Cats Home
What do I do away from work?

Outside work I love spending time with my family and friends. I am also a very proud single mum to two sons who are now at university. I am currently focused on getting fit to do a 5k mud run later in the year (hopefully); it will be a challenge as I am a fair weather runner and not that keen on getting muddy! I also do Pet Therapy work with my dog Barkley (a pampered Shitzu) and he sometimes joins me for coaching sessions at the client’s request.

What credentials and qualifications do I have?
  • Henley Business School: MBA
  • Henley Business School: Professional Certificate in Coaching
  • CTI: Life & Team Coaching
  • International Coaching Federation: Member
  • CEDR: Qualified Mediator

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