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Agnieszka encourages individuals to widen their perspective and, through her unique questioning approaches, think through their situations in more flexible ways. She is a creative and edgy challenger as well as an empathetic, effective listener.

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My areas of expertise

  • Navigating challenges and difficult decisions
  • Effective communication
  • Cross-cultural challenges
  • Personal Identity
  • Work engagement

Industries I have worked in:

  • Communication and Marketing (FMCG market)
  • Service Industry
  • Education
  • Support Services

What services do you offer?

Individual Coaching

Team Coaching



What’s been my biggest leadership challenge?

The biggest leadership challenge for me was facing burnout and at the same time handling conflict within my team. This led to being under enormous pressure as a leader, while at the same time having to deliver the required results for the project.

What made it so difficult?

Our team was under constant time pressure, with the client constantly reminding us of their expectations. As a leader, facing burnout and some personality clashes within the team, I found it really difficult to keep up with motivating, inspiring, as well as encouraging, supporting and guiding all the team members.

What helped me overcome this challenge?

I was lucky enough to get support from other team leaders in the company. Looking back, I could not have survived without their empathetic presence, and they enabled me to move forward and be a supportive leader myself.

What did I learn?

I should have realised much earlier that I wasn’t coping, and asked for help then, but sharing was the right step. I know now that a regular self-care routine is crucial. Nevertheless, this situation was a turning point in my career and marked the beginning of a new adventure.

What’s my style as a thinking partner?

I support people’s thinking by providing ‘safe space’ and confidence to change. My approach is client orientated, highly supportive, empathetic and solutions-based, focused on raising awareness of the areas challenging the individual. I use a wide variety of approaches, which are different for each client, drawing on behavioural, cognitive behavioural, as well as Gestalt and person-centred approaches. When necessary, and with the agreement of the client I am not afraid to use an abstract and creative approach to enhance the process of individual thinking and to connect the person with the deep underlying emotions that drive behaviour.

I help people step back to see the bigger picture of the issues they bring. I help them to navigate a more effective path through challenges they are facing. I support the individuals in a process of wider thinking that usually leads to a greater awareness of being, a greater confidence in solving problems and a commitment to overcoming challenges.

What's my professional background?

I spent 8 years in a global media agency with 3 years’ experience as a team leader in charge of managing marketing campaigns. I was responsible for overseeing the majority of activities in the team as well as deciding how to organise our work and develop a plan to deliver the outcomes required. As team leader, I used to mentor others in the team. I guided them, shared my knowledge, skills and experience to assist them to progress their own careers.

I am Polish, but as an entrepreneur I have operated successfully in the Finnish market for the last 10 years and now have a dual-culture family. I have also worked for a large, complex international company. I have accumulated insights into issues regarding cross-cultural management, which clients have found helpful, particularly when they are forced to consider how they are going to deal with similar issues in their lives as a whole, and the work environment in particular.

Last year I became a tutor for one of the Finnish Universities, lecturing on cross-cultural differences in business.

Who have I worked for?
  • WaveMaker
  • Nestle
  • Colgate Palmolive
  • Mercedes
  • Visa
  • Müller
  • Sandoz
  • Wasa Barilla
What do I do away from work?

I am married to a Finnish man and we have two small kids and a Russian Blue cat. Our life is all about the fusion between Polish and Finnish culture. As often as possible, I go to Lapland, which is not just a place on the map for me, but the guaranteed provider of a peaceful state of mind. During long Finnish winters I play basketball, which is a part of my self-care routine.

What credentials and qualifications do I have?
  • Henley Business School – Professional Certificate in Coaching
  • International Coaching Federation –Professional Member
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

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