Let me ask you three questions:

1.      When you are being interviewed, does it fill your heart with joy?

2.      Could it?

3.      Would you get better results if it did?

If your answer is no or maybe to any of these questions, read on!

We’re all used to thinking that high pressure = high performance, but how true is this?

Definitely true if you are running for your life but what about other high stakes activities, like acing an interview?

Timothy Gallwey’s work triangle challenges the idea that the best way to ensure success is to be focussed on how well you can do. Much better outcomes are guaranteed he argues, if you change the focus of your attention away from a singular focus on performance, to a wider view including learning and enjoyment.

How differently would you show up for a job interview if, as well as wanting to do well, you were also focused on: What do I want to learn? What could I enjoy?

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Adapted from Timothy Gallwey’s brilliant book, ‘The Inner Game of Work’.



This technique has another neurological, nerve-beating advantage. When you look at what you need to do from a place where you fear doing badly you stimulate your amygdala. This is the part of your brain responsible for your threat and stress response. We all know that feeling, outside the interview room, heart beating, sweat flowing! Thinking about goals that you want to move towards stimulates the ventral striatum. This is the part of the brain which is responsible for rewards – lovely dopamine! Which state would you rather be in as they ask you to meet the panel? Happy place or hot under the collar?

So next time you have that feeling in your stomach and you realise that you are worried about how well you are going to do, see if you can shift into a more productive place. Try thinking about what you can learn or even what you might even enjoy about the experience. If you’d like some help to get into the best state you can to ace your interview please get in touch.

In the meantime, turn that frown/triangle upside down! 

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Once again adapted from Gallwey’s brilliant book, ‘The Inner Game of Work’.

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