Advice on how to behave consistently and professionally at all stages of a recruitment process is sometimes forgotten. Having been involved in hiring over a number of years in different organisations, the recruiter will always be influenced by how the candidate comes across and will look for any evidence of how someone “will fit” to the new organisation or role.  

We always asked for feedback from everyone a candidate met – from arrival, checking in at reception, conducting themselves in the office, as well as the interviews.   This is where candidates can be more authentic than they imagine – one candidate who had to empty the contents of their briefcase at reception to find the name of their interviewer sticks in the mind.  

Why is this important? 

Businesses talk about brand image, culture and values and ultimately you will be an ambassador for the organisation you may aspire to join. How you come across in the recruitment process is a pretty reliable indicator of how you will come across with a client for example.

Small things matter and can provide signposts to how people really conduct themselves. Words will get you so far but actions will make the difference.

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