All our services are underpinned by a simple and consistent process that will drive your success


We will gain clarity by exploring your goals and what success will look like; we will compare this with your current situation and what might be holding you back; then we will ask powerful questions to open up your thinking, find new insights and help you identify new possibilities that will accelerate progress towards your goals.


We will build your confidence to overcome potential barriers and succeed; we will explore your existing strengths and the learning you will get from taking positive action; we will explore what help is available and who can support your success, and we will equip you to inspire others to magnify your impact.


Finally, we will help you to find conviction to move forward with positive action; we will map out a plan that leverages available strengths, support and resources to help you be successful; and we will support you to take the critical first step and build unstoppable momentum.

Catalysts to your thinking

We believe there is powerful untapped potential in everyone, in every team and every organisation. But often what is going on in our heads can hold us back: I haven’t done this before, what should I do? What if I get it wrong? I feel exposed. What will others think of me? Am I good enough? Are we good enough?

You need to release your mental handbrake and see what is truly possible. Unlock new insights and believe that you are truly capable. Feel confident and committed to make a positive change and be successful.

Sounds simple. Surely any of us can choose to make this shift?

The problem is that we get trapped in repeating patterns of unhelpful thinking. We get stuck in familiar but self-limiting stories that we tell ourselves and have come to believe are true. And we fall back into ingrained and repeating habits, which are stubbornly hard to shake off.

That’s where we come in. We understand what it feels like. We’ve been there ourselves. And we use that experience to act as catalysts to challenge your current thinking, practically address knotty challenges and help you realise your full potential.

At Catalyst Thinking Partners, we work with some of the highest performing and highest potential people and organisations on the planet, helping them achieve greater success.

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Our Values


The foundation of our work is building a relationship based on understanding, trust and equality. Together we create a safe and productive space to enable clear thinking, learning, development and positive change outcomes


One size does not fit all. Different perspectives facilitate new learnings. We each bring our own approaches, experiences and styles to our work with you and to developing each other’s practice.


Whether you need a cheerleader or challenger, we partner to help you move your thinking and development forward. We help you identify the right actions to achieve personal goals and drive improved business performance.


Supportive and understanding, we help you determine what you want and identify how you can achieve it. We’re in your corner helping you find the courage and conviction to take positive steps to improve your future.

Find the ideal thinking partner for you, members of your team or organisation.

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