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We are a collaborative community united by a common purpose – to help our clients ignite their full potential

About Catalyst Thinking Partners

Why Catalyst?

Merriam-Webster defines catalyst as “an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action”. This is what we do through our work, act as a catalyst to help clients unlock new insights, ideas, significant change or action.

Why Thinking?

Quite simply, what we think is how we are. Our thinking shapes everything we do. As thinking partners, it’s our job to disrupt clients’ patterns of thinking, find new possibilities, change their assumptions and help them find motivation and confidence to make change happen.

Why Partners?

We work alongside clients as trusted confidants and guides, offering rich diversity of know-how, experience and skills and a different way of looking at clients’ situations. As thinking partners, we catalyse progress through creativity, innovation and other approaches that will lead to greater success in your business, career or life.

Our Story

In September 2018, a group of people came together at Henley Business School from hugely different walks of life to understand how we could become expert at bringing out potential in others.

Even though we came from a variety of sectors and backgrounds – from financial services, insurance, law, property management, education, pharmaceuticals, technology, engineering, oil and gas, international ministry, FMCG, academia, HR, marketing and more – we loved working together and were fascinated by each other’s diverse experiences.

Strong connections were made and we quickly learned to trust each other, to the extent that we found ourselves sharing things that we had often kept hidden even from close friends. Our new colleagues were superb at listening, understanding our situations and challenging our thinking. Magic was happening – burdens became lighter, knotty problems untangled.

In fact, because of the trust and safety we established, we found that we could challenge and push each other in such a way that many of us discovered new energy and purpose in our lives, becoming more sharply focused and performing more effectively. We became more ambitious, but in a way that we hadn’t known previously.

So now we have decided to continue the journey together, learning from each other in a spirit of equality. We have established the Catalyst Thinking Partners community to walk with others, helping them with the quality of their thinking, as we improve our own.

How we work

Catalyst Thinking Partners is a collaborative community. All our Thinking Partners are united by a common purpose: to create better for our clients by igniting their full potential. We are unified by our qualification as executive coaches at Henley Business School. We support each other in terms of developing our own thinking, marketing our services and welcoming new clients, as well as our ongoing professional development.

Our Thinking Partners all operate as independent coaches, mentors and consultants. As such, each has their own company, with professional indemnity insurance covering their practice. Accordingly, agreement of commercial terms, all contracting and invoicing is managed between the client and the Thinking Partner’s individual company.

When a client’s needs require a combination of skills and experience from multiple partners, this will be managed by a lead thinking partner, who will manage the contract and relationship with the client and subcontract and oversee the work by colleagues.

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Catalyst Thinking Partners is a collaborative community of like-minded coaches. Each of us operates our own practice and all contractual arrangements with clients are managed through these separate entities.

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