When I interview, one of the key questions I try to answer is, will the interviewee really fit in here? There are many different indicators as to whether or not this will be the case, but if you really like the opportunity you can make it clear that you are the right person from the outset.

Firstly, understand the interview process and play to their rules. Then, do your research and come prepared on the day. Work out what the dress code is and fit in (if you don’t feel comfortable with the dress code maybe it’s not the right place for you). Know the industry and their business, and check them out that morning in case they are in the news (see tip 5: 12 Job Hunting Tips Part 5).

And then be present all the way through. Be confident with and polite to the receptionist, look for clues and talking points in the reception and have eye contact with everyone. Be part of the business from the start whilst always being yourself.


Case Study

I really enjoy presenting to schools and students at career events. Pre-Covid, my warm up was always to teach the group to start and end any interview with a quality hand shake. Look the person you are meeting in the eye, get a good interlocking grip with their hand and then press firmly (not too hard; not too soft) confidently saying, “really pleased to meet you”. Same at the end of the meeting, except now you say with confidence, “thank you for your time”. Maybe one day hand shaking will become the norm again.


But of course remember they need to make a good impression on you too. If the interview process is a shambles, or their culture and behaviours don’t resonate with you, be sure to take this on board. They need to demonstrate that they care about you just as much as you need to show you care about them. If that isn’t the case, then maybe you are not meant to be with each other…


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