Most job seekers’ instincts involve going straight to headhunters and recruiters for that next job. Yes, use recruiters but use them wisely. Whilst they are, by their nature, well connected and know which businesses are recruiting, they are always employer centric, and more likely to make quick judgements about you, your capability and suitability for a particular role.

I’m convinced your network is your best and most likely source of your next job. Your network has two things over recruiters – firstly, they are always on your side, cheering you on and, in most cases, delighted when you succeed and warmed by feeling part of your success. Secondly, your network sums up as a massive, bespoke multi-node algorithm pulling for you, each member trying hard to identify one or two introductions that are increasingly more relevant for you.


Case Study

Somebody once said to me, you will be surprised who does and doesn’t help you in a job search. And they were right. I’ve found both in looking for new jobs or setting up my own business. Often help comes from the most unusual places. Some people you know well and you think will be helpful are either unable or not inclined to be there for you. Others, much further out in your network can surprise you by offering that spark of inspiration or useful introduction. So, don’t be shy and mine that network; the more you dig the more gold you will find.


Most people are willing to help, particularly knowing that it might be their turn soon. Even if you haven’t spoken to someone for 2-3 years they are usually more than delighted to be contacted. They want to network just as much as you do and also know that your success means a more successful and empowered network for them.

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